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Mountain Man 9

Mountain Man 9 published on 2 Comments on Mountain Man 9

Breck’s back!

Yep, we’ve had a few health problems and even more web site issues, but all is well now with the whole web site shebang here being moved over to a brand new server. I’ve got art down for most of the story as well, so it should be a matter of coloring and posting as the pages are completed.


Mountain Man 7

Mountain Man 7 published on 1 Comment on Mountain Man 7

Welcome back! As you can see, I’ve been adjusting the color styles for the strip, trying to find the right balance for the strip’s look. I would appreciate any feedback on the coloring… or the strip in general. If the readers like the coloring on this week’s episode, then I’ll revisit the earlier pages and adjust accordingly.

Layouts for this page are right here.

Mountain Man 5

Mountain Man 5 published on 2 Comments on Mountain Man 5

Well, after writing yesterday about delayed posting, I just finished coloring page 5… and had to upload it!

Layouts for this page are right here.

I’ll be at Supanova in Sydney this coming weekend, so if you are there, please stop by the Gestalt Comics table to say hello.

There’ll be more Breck the week after I return.

Mountain Man 1

Mountain Man 1 published on 2 Comments on Mountain Man 1

Welcome to page one of “Mountain Man”. When a page is updated, I’ll be posting the original layout for that page (in the category ‘Rough Stuff’ of the BEAR CREEK BULLETINS news blog, below) and talking a bit about how the page came together. So be sure to scroll down to read a bit more each week about how this comic adaption comes together. Let’s begin…

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